Special offers

Special offer with Flight simulator tickets

Try the unusual experience of piloting the Boeing 737MAX!

  • Simulator was created in the cooperation with real pilots of Boeingu 737
  • The cockpit is the size as the real airplane cockpit
  • Amongst favourite airports are for example Brno, Prague, New York, Dubai, Hon Kong, London, St. Maarten, Innsbruck, Chicago. You can choose any destination!
  • The simulation can imitate any weather you´d like – sunny weather, rain, storm, mist and even snow. You can also choose if you want to fly during day or during night.
  • It is also possible to simulate emergency situations – for example landing on the river as seen in the movie Sully
  • During every flight there will be an instructor right beside you – real life pilot, who will guide you and answer any of your questions
  • Before the flight there is a 10 minute instruction briefing and the 30 minute flight
  • The whole experience is for maximum of 4 people and during the flight there can be a change of pilots. You can také pictures and also videos

This special offer is suitable for 2 adults as well as for families with children. You can choose 1 night stay or 2 night stay.

 Special offer includes:

  • Acommodation in standard family apartment / business double room
  • Buffet breakfast
  • 1 x ticket to flight simulator of Boeing 737MAX – 40 minutes (10 minute instruction briefing and the 30 minute flight)
  • 1x dinner for 2 adults and 2 children in value of 1 000 CZK / 1x dinner for 2 adults in value of 500 CZK


  • Standard family apartment (2 adults and 2 children)

                 6 040 CZK / 1 night
                 8 080 CZK / 2 night

  • Business double room (2 adults)

                 4 590 CZK / 1 night
                 6 090 CZK / 2 night

To make a reservation for a specific date, do not hesitate to contact us by e-mail at recepce@vista-hotel.cz.